This camping area can serve as short­term and easy housing for guests and course participants who would like to spend time in a camping zone. It would not be used during the rainy season due to the amount of water in the gully.


The establishment of the camping area is pretty minimal. The initial step is identify and flatten areas where tents should be pitched. The flattening of these areas can be done with hand tools, and if needed signposts can be used to demarcate the tent site locations.


tent platform

Over time it may be preferable to build individual tent platforms so that people can pitch their tents elevated off of the ground where they are less likely to be negatively impacted by moisture, insects and other critters.

These platforms also extend the camping season into the rainy months, because the tents do not sit on the wet ground.

These platforms can ultimately even be transformed into small houses.


"Our recommendation is to utilize the energy of course attendees or PEG volunteers and have them research firepit design, draw up a proposal for you and implement it. A fire pit can be thrown together in about 15 minutes or can be beautifully constructed for maximum fire­side enjoyment."

The addition of a campfire will improve the camping experience and provide community space.

It becomes a place where campers can hang out in the evenings, play their guitars, and wander off to bed. Place the firepit a fair distance away from the tent locations or platforms, so that the noise at night does not keep the other campers awake.

compost pee toilet

"Urine does not carry dangerous pathogens. Don’t try this with a poop bucket!"

Building a compost toilet pee station would be a good idea. This is simply and outhouse­like building that has a toilet seat with a five gallon bucket of sawdust in it. People are only encouraged to pee into that bucket .

When the liquid is up to the level of the sawdust, the sawdust is dumped into the orchard, where it will add valuable nitrogen and woody matter for the fungi.

Refill bucket with sawdust and start again.

After every course the area will need to be cleaned up, and a couple times a year the tent platforms should be checked for any maintenance needs, particularly throughout the rainy season when there is an increased risk of water damage, erosion, and or falling tree limbs.


Additionally, the trees and other vegetation around and overhanging the camp sites should be checked periodically to make sure they are not endangering campers.


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