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"At our farm you can buy or order our fresh produce. 

Fresh everyday from PEG!"


It is our intention to develop this site into the first farm of its type in the region.

"Using the principles of Biodynamics, Permaculture, free-range animal husbandry and Holistic Management, we intend to transform this land and its people from the cuurent state of unbalance that is the result of centuries of exploitation."


Over the years this project

has aligned with an amazing network of teachers, overseas experts, consultants, and local talent all of which carry a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

"Through events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and tours we will help bring this incredible network to Barbados and offer educational programs designed to grow awareness of our interdependence with the nature.  In time we will have our own educational institution catering to kids, adults, locals, and visitors who are seeking alternative forms of “learning."

resortandnature sanctuary

All PEG project sites will care for the natural environment and nurture it into a condition of beauty - filled with gardens for bees, beneficial insects, and pollinators, native forests , agroforestry systems, pastures, and field crops. 

"We will be constructing aesthetically designed  bamboo accommodations ranging from campsites to comfortable rustic cabins to give people the opportunity to stay and experience such a place, where peace and tranquility prevail and where delicious and nutritious food is available. These spaces and accommodations will be complimented by a spa and wellness center to cater to the physical and spiritual health of guests and participants."


Our goal is to help others by creating an opportunity for social and economic change. .

"This is achieved by building a living/working community that supports individuals through career empowerment, training in self-knowledge and connection to something meaningful.  Having each and every person involved with the project feel inspired and appreciated is an important foundation for manifesting PEGs social vision.  In time this will encourage individual motivation and a commitment to the future well being and profitability of the project.  This in turn will carry new ideas and culture beyond PEG creating increased potential for social renewal."

people - environment - growth

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