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Management of gardens generally follows this sequence. As you think through the design, establishment, and management of gardens at PEG, this framework may support your thinking and decision making: 


"Design your garden pattern for ease of maintenance and harvesting, and for complimentary pest or fertilization

In this section we will discuss the

purpose of each of these gardens,

as well as tips for establishment and

management of each of these areas.


The plant lists and other resources

that are shared at the end of this section are relevant to both the Kitchen and Production Gardens, and should be

used to educate new employees / entrepreneurs who are engaging

with these spaces.

Phase One

There are two major

garden areas:


There are the Kitchen Gardens located near the tour and cafe building and the Production Gardens located on the slope south of the farm hub and nursery area.


The Kitchen Gardens will be co­managed by the whole of PEG and the Production Gardens will be managed by PEG entrepreneurs who are starting enterprises on these plots. They will be likely managed from a more commercial perspective.

 Garden Management 

people - environment - growth

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