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Co-create with nature on our biodynamic farm.

Enjoy our farm shop and garden-to-table cafe, camping, tours, and the beautiful landscape of Barbados.  

Come find inspiration, healing, and connection to the Spirit of the land here at PEG farm and nature sanctuary.

Learn how we use holistic and biodynamic management practices to restore soil damaged by centuries of sugarcane plantation.

Diversify via medicinal gardens, orchards and food production, and educate and inspire the community to experience healing with Nature

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Barbados native, Paul Bourne found his mission to bring new agricultural and holistic lifestyle practices to his island community in 2013.  His journey began with the challenge of overcoming thirty years of chronic back pain. In his quest for healing, Paul Bourne eventually met Paul Chek, a Holistic Health Practitioner, while attending a conference in Canada.

Soon after meeting, they began their work together to reveal the cause of Paul's pain at the Chek Institute in California.  They discovered that Paul's high-stress lifestyle combined with a nutrient-poor diet were the root of his back problems.

A complete change in lifestyle was necessary to begin the healing process. Paul needed nutritious and delicious food, a tranquil natural setting, and specific corrective exercises. He began his search for the ideal location on the island of Barbados where these components could come together. The seed had been germinated and the awakening was complete.




After a little research, it became clear that healthy wholesome food was very scarce in Barbados. There was little grass-fed organic meats free of antibiotics and other chemicals on the island. What is available of those products is produced and sold on a family scale.

Similarly, there is little vegetable production without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Most of the food available was imported and highly refined "factory food." The need for a change in agricultural and distribution methods was clear to Paul and others if Barbados were to regenerate its landscape and health of its people. After attending the Eco Farm Conference in California in January 2013, Paul made contact with several key people who are experts in their respective fields.

Dennis Klocek from the Biodynamics movement. Cynthia Daley, a grass-fed dairy farmer, and Joel Salatin  an expert farmer in free range animal husbandry. Meeting these stars set the stage and gave Paul the inspirations to pursue his healing farm institute PEG.




Nearly a year of searching eventually resulted in finding the lands of Easy Hall Plantation in the parish of St. Joseph. For four centuries, this land, like most of the agricultural land in Barbados, supported the monoculture of the sugar industry. It was time for transformation and the land was speaking to us but no one was listening...until now.

The first consultant to visit the site was Cynthia Daley in June of 2013. Her insights and offerings were invaluable and gave the practical steps towards recovering the landscape. Then conversations with Dennis Klocek led to the introduction of his colleague Matias Baker, who had been working in the tropics for many years. Matias visited the land in November of the same year and began implementing the Spiritual Science of Biodynamics, showing how it can be a path of healing for the land and the heart of the community. Finally the land had a vessel through which it could speak and the regenerative work could begin.

Matias immediately attached to the vision and together he and Paul continued the transformation. Through his global network, Matias introduced Kirk Gadzia as PEG's Holistic Management and Grazing consultant. His first visit was in January of 2014 and he brought his focus for social, environmental, and economical balance to the project.  Again another veil was lifted and the land's message of transformation could be heard even more so. The process was launched and the infant PEG had all the necessary nurturing conditions to thrive and unfold its future task.  

To be continued…


Our location in Barbados

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