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A place where people come to be inspired by a creative cultural experience  focused on environmental consciousness, regenerative agriculture, and holistic lifestyle practices.


"These important activities are supported by our beautiful polyculture farmscape, which provides an unique setting where people are vitalized by our nutritious food, restored by our educational offerings, and healed by the spirit of the land and through our wellness programs."


Our first location at Easy Hall Plantation in the parish of St Joseph, is a special place by virtue of its position on the island of Barbados.  

"The 108 acres, at 1000 feet above sea level, is some of the highest land in Barbados. There is a nearly quarter of a mile stretch of the well-known Hackelton's cliff on the property. This stretch of cliff offers magnificent views over a protected old growth forest all the way down to the beautiful shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean."


The process of building a personal relationship to this land and its infinite wonders of nature has been our true guide in developing the project vision.

"This has led us to many inspired imaginations and has given us the humility necessary to set our intentions for this project. These intentions hope to offer opportunities to explore and develop alternative models for farming and education, to build a nature sanctuary and resort, and to  promote social change in our community."

people - environment - growth

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