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Grazing is clearly a part of the coming years for PEG. In fact, it is already the most developed operation of the project.

Kirk Gadzia’s expertise with Holistic Management has and will continue to guide this aspect of PEG, so the TGI team has provided only brief commentary on this component.


The purpose of the grazing operations as they currently stand are primarily to improve the soil, shifting the pasture from a relatively dead monocrop of sugarcane to a healthy diverse pasture system. 

We recommend PEG purchase its own herd of cows and/or sheep, or create a relationship with a grazier in which they are contributing financial capital into PEG’s system for the use of PEG’s land. With this new relationship to the herd the list of purposes should include:

Improving the soil.

There is a huge potential for producing locally produced  high­quality blackbelly lamb. There are a lot of sheep on the island of Barbados, but from what we understand it is difficult to get high quality lamb that is local. This is primarily a function of understanding how to manage a sheep business effectively, and is a relatively easy business to get into.


The grazing operation is already established and following the guidelines of Kirk Gadzia on a daily rotational grazing pattern. This has already proven to produce incredibly healthy cattle and transform the poor pasture into a healthy grazing pasture with a wide variety of fodder species.


The maintenance and ongoing management of the herd has already been advised via Kirk Gadzia and his work with the PEG organization. Refer to his instructions.

"The meat coming off the PEG grass is likely
to be the best meat on the island!"

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